I may list here the scientists I’m friend with and those that I work(ed) with.

Supervisors and advisors

Dr. Zhiyong Lu

He’s the principal investigator in charge of the Biomedical Text Mining group I work in. Made me discover Chinese green teas, and only for that already, I’m grateful.

Pr. Jacky Montmain

My PhD supervisor. I’m not sure who stressed the other one the most between him and I.

Pr. Vincent Ranwez

My PhD co-supervisor. Vincent Berry described him as: less frequently shaved than me, I’d say he’s even less frequently shaved than me.

Dr. hab. Sylvie Ranwez

My PhD advisor. She sent me in a convent. Ok, it was to attend a summer school… But still.

Pr. Vincent Berry

Supervisor of the internships for the CompPhy project. Great mentor in bioinformatics applied to phylogenetics – and awesome teaser.

Dr. Anne-Muriel Arigon Chifolleau

Co-supervisor of the internships for the CompPhy project. Always an ergonomic idea in mind.

Dr. Paul Flicek

My internship supervisor at the EBI. Do I need to introduce him?

Dr. Javier Herrero

My internship advisor at the EBI. Very motivating. He always seems to be in a good mood.


Dr. Sébastien Harispe

Office pal. Developed the amazing SML library.

Dr. Moreno Mitrović

A.K.A ∂ü, an amazing friend, research fellow at the University of Graz.

Dr. François Chevenet

Co-author on CompPhy paper. New guitar player => new buddy.

Dr. Alban Mancheron

Co-author on nothing. Not even a collaborator – for now. Oh yeah, he made me participate at JOBIM 2012, that’s why he’s here.